Very Poppy – Instagram

Poppy loved Instagram. She used to love posting and most of all she would take time to see what everybody was doing. Sometimes she’d tell me about people and when I asked her how she knew she would always refer to pictures she had seen.

One day Lisa the Playworker came with some modelling clay. It had a lovely light spongey consistency. Poppy made this lovely little camera which I treasure dearly.

Most of those Poppy followed were her friends, but she would also stretch her horizons. Her favourite Instagrammer was Bleubird This matched her love of young children with her own lovely spacious aesthetic. They live in America but had some of the items around the house which we have. She instinctively knew that they had lovely taste. I’d be shown a posting at least once a week. Poppy was an observer which showed a great maturity and absorbed this family’s aesthetic. Poppy’s world was restricted because of her illness and yet she would reach out across the world both aesthetically and intellectually. Her love of Bleubird confirmed my conviction that Poppy would eventually become a great artist.

Instagram process 620x936 Very Poppy   Instagram

Camera and person made by Poppy.

pop insta 1 1 620x592 Very Poppy   Instagram

bleubird insta copy 620x520 Very Poppy   Instagram

Moshi Monsters

moshi awaitingGodiva WeLovePoppy 620x826 Moshi Monsters

Poppy loved Moshi Monsters. She used to like playing online and would sometimes get very frustrated when trying to lure Moshlings into her garden. In December she had a lovely Moshi Advent Calendar which she avidly photographed each and every day with her iPhone. When she became less mobile and her spirits needed picking up, Moshi packs and bags provided a daily treat. When she got her iPad, Poppy became obsessed with unbagging/unpacking videos on Youtube, Moshi ‘blind bags’ being a particular favourite. She was very proud to teach me the ‘Mr Snoodle’ song which we used to sing from time to time.

moshi selection WeLovePoppy 620x620 Moshi Monsters

moshi style hat WeLovePoppy 620x620 Moshi Monsters

moshibus meetgreet WeLovePoppy 620x830 Moshi Monsters

moshibus slide WeLovePoppy 620x462 Moshi Monsters

Japanese Aesthetic

DSC 1308 620x935 Japanese AestheticIMG 2049 Version 2 620x826 Japanese Aesthetic
Poppy loves Japanese things. She’s always picking them out in places like Camden Market. She discovered this shop ‘AHA’ in Brighton’s North Street. She spotted it from our hotel bedroom window and insisted on a visit as the first activity of our stay. It’s full of little stuffed toys, Monchhichis and various attachments for phones etc. Poppy uses a Japanese toy latex phone cover for her iPhone and also a mad little Japanese soya bean attached to the phone which reveals a secret when you squeeze it. It’s a little bit like a set of worry beads.

 Japanese AestheticIMG 1656 620x620 Japanese Aesthetic

Tom Daley

IMG 1613 620x620 Tom Daley
Poppy adores Tom Daley. We tried to get tickets to see him at The Olympics but the best we could do was get the Synchronised Swimming. Pop was extra chuffed that Tom was in the audience watching when we were in The Aquatics Centre, London Olympics.
Poppy spent much of her holiday sitting around the pool reading Tom’s new Biography. Note her perfectly manicured nails from The Grand Hotel’s beauty salon.

IMG 1727 620x413 Tom Daley

Always experimenting with ‘mashups’, why should Tom be treated any differently?

One day in early December Poppy was feeling particularly down and increasingly ill. Then, the postman called and delivered an envelope. In it was a special signed postcard from Tom, which put that lovely little smile back upon her beautiful face.
IMG 2586 620x464 Tom Daley

Toy Hacking

DSC 1312 620x935 Toy HackingIMG 2337 620x826 Toy HackingWe first discovered these toy mashups on a trip to Brighton at Easter. When we stayed in Brighton in October 2012 we saw that there was another Hacking Workshop at the library in early November. So we headed across country with Cosmo and his friend Alex in tow, leaving them to discover the cafes and boutiques of The North Laines whilst we glued and stitched disparate parts of amputated toys together.Toy Hacking Exhibition Low Res 620x330 Toy Hacking


Ware Pool 216 of 225 Version 2 620x414 LidosWare Pool 146 of 225 Version 2 620x414 Lidos
Poppy loves open-air swimming pools. We go rain or shine, making sandwiches and flasks and buying sweets and ice creams from the charming little wooden kiosk. We discovered Ware Lido in 2009 when our previous pool in Broxbourne had been closed down. These pictures were used to help a community group ‘Friends of Ware Lido’ gain a foothold in the future of the pool. The group have gone from strength to strength and hopefully this wonderful municipal resource will continue to delight many future generations of children and adults alike.