Moshi Monsters

moshi awaitingGodiva WeLovePoppy 620x826 Moshi Monsters

Poppy loved Moshi Monsters. She used to like playing online and would sometimes get very frustrated when trying to lure Moshlings into her garden. In December she had a lovely Moshi Advent Calendar which she avidly photographed each and every day with her iPhone. When she became less mobile and her spirits needed picking up, Moshi packs and bags provided a daily treat. When she got her iPad, Poppy became obsessed with unbagging/unpacking videos on Youtube, Moshi ‘blind bags’ being a particular favourite. She was very proud to teach me the ‘Mr Snoodle’ song which we used to sing from time to time.

moshi selection WeLovePoppy 620x620 Moshi Monsters

moshi style hat WeLovePoppy 620x620 Moshi Monsters

moshibus meetgreet WeLovePoppy 620x830 Moshi Monsters

moshibus slide WeLovePoppy 620x462 Moshi Monsters

One thought on “Moshi Monsters

  1. I found ‘We Love Poppy’ after Bleubird blogged her! what an amazing girl… laughing at the moshi monsters post, my 2 girls have been caught watching the ‘opening’ of moshi bags on You Tube too !!!!! Thank you for sharing your inspiring girl x

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