Tom Daley

IMG 1613 620x620 Tom Daley
Poppy adores Tom Daley. We tried to get tickets to see him at The Olympics but the best we could do was get the Synchronised Swimming. Pop was extra chuffed that Tom was in the audience watching when we were in The Aquatics Centre, London Olympics.
Poppy spent much of her holiday sitting around the pool reading Tom’s new Biography. Note her perfectly manicured nails from The Grand Hotel’s beauty salon.

IMG 1727 620x413 Tom Daley

Always experimenting with ‘mashups’, why should Tom be treated any differently?

One day in early December Poppy was feeling particularly down and increasingly ill. Then, the postman called and delivered an envelope. In it was a special signed postcard from Tom, which put that lovely little smile back upon her beautiful face.
IMG 2586 620x464 Tom Daley

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