Very Poppy – The Funny Little Man

Eddie Jordon WeLovePoppy 620x826 Very Poppy   The Funny Little Man

Eddie Jordan and not Bernie Ecclestone was Poppy’s ‘funny little man’

Over the years Poppy and I have watched a lot of Formula 1 on Sundays. Poppy always used to ask about ‘the funny little man’. Naturally I assumed she meant diminutive F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone, especially as he was often seen walking with a comparative giant of a wife on the starting grid. But in fact she meant Eddie Jordan. Poppy had a fixation with him and she picked up upon a ‘camp’ aspect which somehow passed me by. Cosmo and I always laugh now when we see him and always find it funny how Poppy formed her ideas. Eddie Jordan in his bright coloured trousers, little shoes and strangely detailed belt is indeed ‘Very Poppy’.