Link – I Dream Of Wires

Link to the photo essay gallery ‘I Dream of Wires’, documenting the year long nomadic existence of Poppy’s hospital treatment leading to surgery. Shot on an iPhone, these black and white photo squares try to find some sense of beauty amidst the gruelling and uncertain journey towards treatment. During this time Poppy and Cosmo lost their mother to cancer. Poppy made another family amongst her friends at UCH and would often be in the playroom or school room during the day as she grew used to handling the 4 day treatment on various drips. In this year we spent approx 100 nights staying in hospital.

Each photo on the slider gallery has a little ‘i’ icon in the bottom right hand corner. Click on this to bring up the picture description.

‘I Dream Of Wires’

i dream of wires still 2 620x654 Link   I Dream Of Wires

wires instruction graphic Link   I Dream Of Wires