04 Dec – Thompson et Thompson

04 Dec Thompson et Thompson 620x926 04 Dec   Thompson et Thompson


Poppy loved the act of getting a new toy, no matter what the price. So naturally McBean’s Happy Meal Toys were always a favourite. We liked classics, so Tintin, The Smurfs and The Wombles have been particular favourites over the years. I bought a book on McBean‘s Happy Meal Collectables was always a favourite when lying in bed and was often taken from my bedroom shelf. During her time in hospital, Poppy collected little Smurfs which she would hang from her drip stand. Often we would walk around with 4 or more Smurfs hanging from the stand. These Tintin toys were also a promotion during that time and i found them in my computer bag which I always brought to hospital containing my iPad and various plans to build websites. Thompson and Thompson have always been my favourites and Poppy was always amused by this. These are particularly precious to me.