Poppy Takes a Portrait Whilst Her Daddy Sleeps

Poppy and Dad Portrait 620x826 Poppy Takes a Portrait Whilst Her Daddy Sleeps


I found this image one day. It’s so sweet that Poppy wanted to take a picture of us together. She knows how i hate having my picture taken but i’m so pleased she took this. I was sleeping, exhausted from the strain, and there she was jumping around taking pictures.My beautiful girl. Photo: 13th Nov 2012

Blog – Poppy’s Olympic Journey pt 1

Poppy was very excited by the Olympics being in London. I had put in for tickets before Poppy was ill and we were finally told that we had gained tickets for the synchro swimming in November 2011 when we were near the end of chemo. The idea of going to the Olympics with the children was a real spur throughout Poppy’s recovery from her operation.

We were going to see the Olympic Torch come through the town of Ware, but I somehow messed up the timing and we just missed it. It was pouring with rain and Poppy was not happy so I determined to make things up and make sure we saw the torch when it came through where i grew up in Winchmore Hill. On the day we went to see the torch, Poppy was so excited that she painted a torch
 Blog   Poppys Olympic Journey pt 1

Whilst we waited for the Olympic Torch, Poppy took Cosmo’s portrait.
Cosmo Torch Waiting 620x826 Blog   Poppys Olympic Journey pt 1

By this time Poppy filmed and snapped everything with her iPhone and she filmed as the runner went passed.

Seeing the torch two days before the opening really made things exciting and really made us feel connected with the Olympics. Poppy made this little montage shot on her phone and she had so much energy when we returned that she did this lovely little sommersault.

Olympic Torch Runner 620x620 Blog   Poppys Olympic Journey pt 1

Olympic Torch Mix 620x620 Blog   Poppys Olympic Journey pt 1

By this time our house was festooned with big Olympic flags and Poppy had made a giant Olympic Ring Cutout for the window of our shower room.Poppys Olympic Rings 620x826 Blog   Poppys Olympic Journey pt 1

By the time it came to the Opening Ceremony on Friday we were all very excited. We drove through the Hertfordshire countryside to St Albans to the wig shop because we wanted to get Poppy a passport (the children’s passports were stolen and we desperately wanted to go on holiday). All the way on the journey people who were performing in the Opening Ceremony were talking about their excitement but not revealing any of the secrets. One of Poppy’s nurses was performing in the ceremony and had secretly taught Poppy a couple of the moves. We had a lovely afternoon and raced around Marks and Spencer to buy ingredients for a hot lemon meringue pie which I had promised to make for Poppy.

By the time the ceremony started Pops was very excited and of course when her heartthrob David Beckham appeared in a speedboat, she was ecstatic.Beckham Speedboat WeLovePoppy 620x620 Blog   Poppys Olympic Journey pt 1
Olympic Lemon Meringue 620x348 Blog   Poppys Olympic Journey pt 1

Poppy was so excited that she filmed off the tv. She was especially excited by the section with the sick children and the nurses as this is how we had lived our lives for the past 16 months. You can hear Poppy laughing at how the dancing children don’t look sick at all on the little clip. It’s so typical of Poppy just taking things in her stride with much amusement and beautiful charm.

We watched much of the Olympics on TV counting down to when we ourselves would be in the Olympic Park. In the middle weekend the French Puppeteers Imagineer were coming passed our house with their magnificent ‘Godiva Awakes’ part of The Cultural Olympiad. Poppy loved the excitement of this.

Godiva Awakes Cheshunt Blog   Poppys Olympic Journey pt 1

More in part 2, Poppy’s Day At The Olympics

With Addie

Poppy, Addie and Sasha were great friends. Addie lives about half an hours drive away so the girls were able to continue their friendship outside of the realms of UCH.