Poppy Takes a Portrait Whilst Her Daddy Sleeps

Poppy and Dad Portrait 620x826 Poppy Takes a Portrait Whilst Her Daddy Sleeps


I found this image one day. It’s so sweet that Poppy wanted to take a picture of us together. She knows how i hate having my picture taken but i’m so pleased she took this. I was sleeping, exhausted from the strain, and there she was jumping around taking pictures.My beautiful girl. Photo: 13th Nov 2012

17 Dec – Expanding Gay Best Friend

17 Dec Expanding Gay Best Friend 620x926 17 Dec   Expanding Gay Best Friend


From Brighton… Where Else? You’ve got to love him haven’t you? Poppy did, and got very annoyed if any unauthorised person should remove him from the miraculous glass of water she had prepared to enable his party trick. Bought in a lovely shop in Bond Street, I think it’s called ‘Not a Butchers’. Poppy loved this shop, full of quirky and slightly camp nik naks.


12 Dec – Rabbit Head

Dec 12 Rabbit Head 620x926 12 Dec   Rabbit Head


This came from a very expensive t-shirt shop around the back of Carnaby Street. It had very weird bears and rabbits, beautifully made by hand. Cosmo and I selected this one for Poppy in the summer of 2011 during a chemo stay. It’s Very Poppy, but then again all of the bears and creatures in that shop were ‘Very Poppy’.

Very Poppy – Gareth Bale

Poppy Bale Shirt 620x469 Very Poppy   Gareth Bale

Poppy loved Gareth Bale. He signed for our team, Spurs in May 2007. For the 2007-08 Season, I bought Cosmo a Tottenham Hotspur shirt and had Bale’s name and number printed on the back. Cosmo chose Bale because he was a young ‘flair’ player, the kind we really like. Bale’s original squad number was 16, because he was young and not a first team regular. His first couple of seasons were not that successful and he had the reputation of never being in a winning team. He became a first team regular and was given the left-back number of 3. Later when he was hailed as the best player in the Premier League he took on the attacking number of 11.

Poppy always likes to wear Cosmo’s old football shirts when he has outgrown them. On August 7th 2010, Karen took Poppy and Cosmo to a pre-season ‘international friendly’ match at White Hart Lane against Fiorentina. Poppy was wearing her Bale number 16 shirt when Gareth came out onto the pitch to publicly sign a new contract. Poppy ran down to the front and Gareth Bale came across and signed the shirt on her back. You can see his signature in black felt tip marker to the right of the name. Poppy was very proud of this shirt and had it framed and mounted on her bedroom wall.

In September 2013, Gareth Bale became the world’s most expensive footballer by signing for Real Madrid for a record fee of 100million Euros (£85.3million). Bale had cost only £7million when he took on the original number 16 shirt.



gareth bale signing Poppys shirt Very Poppy   Gareth Bale


Gareth Bale signing Poppy’s shirt, cameraphone pic by Cosmo


Number 3 Very Poppy   Gareth Bale

Very Poppy – Dymo Tape

Maybe a Trip to Harlow 620x620 Very Poppy   Dymo Tape


I bought Poppy a vintage Dymo machine from eBay for Xmas. I got her lots of different coloured tapes from the 70’s. She loved it. One day after Christmas she sat next to me on the sofa as we watched television and she produced little phrases stating her thoughts & desires and stuck each one of them to my shirt, one by one. That was typical of Poppy, she was so beautiful, both physically and in her soul. I’m missing her wonderful loving soul at the moment, really struggling without my loving little girl.

Poppy xmas self portrait 283 620x465 Very Poppy   Dymo Tape

Very Poppy – The Funny Little Man

Eddie Jordon WeLovePoppy 620x826 Very Poppy   The Funny Little Man

Eddie Jordan and not Bernie Ecclestone was Poppy’s ‘funny little man’

Over the years Poppy and I have watched a lot of Formula 1 on Sundays. Poppy always used to ask about ‘the funny little man’. Naturally I assumed she meant diminutive F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone, especially as he was often seen walking with a comparative giant of a wife on the starting grid. But in fact she meant Eddie Jordan. Poppy had a fixation with him and she picked up upon a ‘camp’ aspect which somehow passed me by. Cosmo and I always laugh now when we see him and always find it funny how Poppy formed her ideas. Eddie Jordan in his bright coloured trousers, little shoes and strangely detailed belt is indeed ‘Very Poppy’.

Very Poppy – Multi Coloured Creations

Poppy Angel 620x826 Very Poppy   Multi Coloured Creations
Poppy lived in a very colourful world. She drew these little angels on odd scraps of paper at my workplace when I was returning to work full-time and taking her part-time to her old school. She’d pass the time drawing or helping us with odd jobs in the office. I was so charmed with these two little angels that I stuck them up on the wall by my desk. I’ve removed them for safe keeping. They are very precious.

Poppy Angels Redhead 620x1468 Very Poppy   Multi Coloured Creations

Poppy Angles Blue Dress 620x1503 Very Poppy   Multi Coloured Creations