Video – The Dissidents

Recently I’ve been making a series of very still films out of only 1 or 2 different shots. This film is made from a loop of 70 separate still images and is very frenetic. Poppy was obsessed with making gifs and this is my version of a gif. These pictures were shot on Wednesday August 25th, two days before the opening of The London Olympics. We chose to see the torch opposite the road where my late father was born in Winchmore Hill.

Cosmo and I have always been dissidents, and Poppy remains our inspiration and leader.

“My writing is an iron fist in a glove full of vaseline
But dip the fuse in the kerosene

I too become a dissident.”

Video – What Was It You Said About Luck?

Poppy loved sailing down the River Lea in the summertime. My colleagues held a sponsored walk to raise money to allow us to do nice things. They walked down the River Lea from Limehouse through The Olympic Park to nearly where we live.

Poppy said something very sad about ‘luck’, when a minor operation had to be cancelled when she reached the operating table because she was scared by a doctor not thinking straight and reading out the list of known risks in front of her. You couldn’t argue with her feelings about luck, but we were so lucky to have the love and fun of such a beautiful and very special girl.

Video – Every Day I Ran

Supporting everybody who is running ‘Race For Life’ this year. Especially Poppy’s friends: Kerri, Tricia, Kieran, Shannon, Adam, Tia, James, Julie, Connor, Louise, Frankie, Jade, Effi, and Julie who are running in Poppy’s memory for Cancer Research UK. To date they have so far raised £720.

Poppy’s spirit was always amazing. She always tried her best and always had fun. This is filmed on my iPhone in September 2012. At the time she was in between some chemo and radiotherapy.