The Sweetest Girl extra 2014 620x926 Laugh


I used 4 of these pictures just after Poppy passed away. Last week I looked through the shots I had not used and found this funny one of her laughing. I recognise that laugh so well. Poppy darling, I miss you so much. This month is so hard, unbearable thinking about the terrible things we went through. You are at peace now my darling.

6 thoughts on “Laugh

  1. This is the most beautiful blog, you capture the love, life and spirit as well as the pain and heartache so tenderly. Poppy was stunningly beautiful and her artistic flair so amazing! She would have been incredible had she had more time on earth. She obviously inherited that flair from you.
    It is said that we learn pain on earth to appreciate the serenity of heaven. The quicker we learn the shorter our life here, Poppy had a crash course and passed with honours, she’s surely reaping the rewards. A true angel xxxx

  2. I just feel I should tell you that this blog has had a profound effect on me, I found it whilst looking to donate to Joni-Mai, after reading about Poppy a donation just didn’t seem enough of a sacrifice. I have been inspired to do more for families living under the dark cloud of cancer, children are so precious. Every moment spent with them is precious. Thank-you for the enlightenment.
    I hope that you and Cosmo will find peace and happiness until you are reunited with beautiful Poppy xxx

    • Thank you Marie. That’s very beautiful. Cosmo and I are struggling by. We miss Poppy hugely, she is our inspiration. She was so beautiful and funny. Our leader. x

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