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I found myself staring at this photo this morning. It captures Poppy’s energy and zest so well. I remember taking it so clearly. Earlier in the week I had been to Southgate Auctions and bought Poppy this wonderful American Chopper bike with it’s purple fabric saddle, and I’d bought Cosmo a great red electric guitar which reminded me of Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice) ‘Burns’ guitar.

By this time, Karen, Poppy’s mother was very ill and I used to get up very early each morning to take her dog Ollie for a walk in the park so that he was reasonably rested and that Karen didn’t need to worry. This was a school morning at around 7:00am and Poppy came trialling her new bike with me in Bush Hill Park. It was July 2010 and at this time I worried about the children and how I was going to make a life for them without their mother. It never occurred to me that they would be in any danger apart from suffering the immense heartbreak of losing their mother.

I’ve been playing James Blake all the time. Cosmo and I know it’s for Poppy but don’t mention that fact. But it has such beautiful emotional depth and sums up our terrible heartbreak and yet the beauty of having a wonderful sister and daughter such as Poppy.

Unluck – James Blake
Treated walls
care for me
When crossings call out
one of three

Only child take good care
I wouldn’t like you
playing, falling there

Video – Every Day I Ran

Supporting everybody who is running ‘Race For Life’ this year. Especially Poppy’s friends: Kerri, Tricia, Kieran, Shannon, Adam, Tia, James, Julie, Connor, Louise, Frankie, Jade, Effi, and Julie who are running in Poppy’s memory for Cancer Research UK. To date they have so far raised £720.

Poppy’s spirit was always amazing. She always tried her best and always had fun. This is filmed on my iPhone in September 2012. At the time she was in between some chemo and radiotherapy.

Aldeburgh Marshes to Plant Poppy Seeds

Track: The amazing and beautiful ‘Retrograde’ by James Blake. Poppy loved ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ by James Blake which was played at her service.

Cosmo and I are heading off to Suffolk and the wild North Sea Coast of Aldeburgh to plant some Poppy seeds on the marshes tomorrow morning. Thank you everybody for all your love and good wishes.

Planting poppy seeds on a salty marsh is possibly Kanute-like, but I’ve seen some beautiful wild flowers in my time and they’re pretty resilient. I’ve grown poppies in cracks in pavements before. ‘So show me why you’re strong’.

Poppy Seeds 620x619 Aldeburgh Marshes to Plant Poppy Seeds

Cosmo on Marsh2 620x410 Aldeburgh Marshes to Plant Poppy Seeds

Cosmo on Marsh sml 620x410 Aldeburgh Marshes to Plant Poppy Seeds

Hut 620x410 Aldeburgh Marshes to Plant Poppy Seeds