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It’s been a really hard couple of weeks which has taken it’s toll. Having to face the anniversary of Karen’s death, Poppy’s Birthday, My Birthday, Fathers Day, seeing all those lovely people walking in Poppy’s memory raising money for Cancer Research and more. Last night I was watering my flowers in the front and a neighbour came over to ask me how my little girl was. That’s very hard but I really felt for him, he was so upset.

But last night I found this lovely picture of Poppy, it’s one I had not focussed upon before but it’s so lovely. She’s doing her favourite thing, handling presents. Missing you darling, missing you more than words can ever say. xx

Video – Every Day I Ran

Supporting everybody who is running ‘Race For Life’ this year. Especially Poppy’s friends: Kerri, Tricia, Kieran, Shannon, Adam, Tia, James, Julie, Connor, Louise, Frankie, Jade, Effi, and Julie who are running in Poppy’s memory for Cancer Research UK. To date they have so far raised £720.

Poppy’s spirit was always amazing. She always tried her best and always had fun. This is filmed on my iPhone in September 2012. At the time she was in between some chemo and radiotherapy.