The Sweetest Girl extra 2014 620x926 Laugh


I used 4 of these pictures just after Poppy passed away. Last week I looked through the shots I had not used and found this funny one of her laughing. I recognise that laugh so well. Poppy darling, I miss you so much. This month is so hard, unbearable thinking about the terrible things we went through. You are at peace now my darling.

Poppy Takes a Portrait Whilst Her Daddy Sleeps

Poppy and Dad Portrait 620x826 Poppy Takes a Portrait Whilst Her Daddy Sleeps


I found this image one day. It’s so sweet that Poppy wanted to take a picture of us together. She knows how i hate having my picture taken but i’m so pleased she took this. I was sleeping, exhausted from the strain, and there she was jumping around taking pictures.My beautiful girl. Photo: 13th Nov 2012

24 Dec – Pippi Longstocking

24 Dec Pippi Longstocking 620x926 24 Dec   Pippi Longstocking


We bought this lovely late 60’s/early 70’s Pippi in a fabulous vintage furniture shop at the end of Camden Market after a trip to UCH. I treasured those visits to the market with Poppy but they also made me so sad. I love this doll and she lives in our living room as a symbol of our love for our beautiful girl.

21 Dec – Build A Bear

21 Dec Build a Bear 620x926 21 Dec   Build A Bear


Popkins favourite thing has always been Build A Bear. We bought this from Lakeside shopping centre in the week before Christmas. The trip lifted her spirits and she enjoyed picking out which bear to make… I love you Poppy. We all love you Poppy xxx

20 Dec – Big Booted Kangaroo

20 Dec Kangaroo Mashup Doll 620x926 20 Dec   Big Booted Kangaroo


Poppy created this Kangaroo Mashup at a workshop down in Brighton. She loved this idea. We had a lovely day cutting dolls around and then sticking back the amputations with hot glue guns. Afterwards Karen’s best friend from many years ago, Fuz, came and met us and walked through the Lanes with us. Poppy finished the day off by buying beads from The Brighton Bead Shop to make Christmas presents for her friends and step sisters. Click here for Poppy’s favourite invention ‘Earless Rabbit Head on a Dollies Body’.

19 Dec – Gonko Troll

19 Dec Talking Gonko Troll 620x926 19 Dec   Gonko Troll


We were at Ware Car Boot Sale last summer and Poppy desperately wanted to buy something. She didn’t know what but she was somehow determined. Suddenly her eyes alighted on this bizarre creature I shall call a Speaking Gonko Troll. I dont know what he’s really called. When we got him home, Poppy discovered that he could speak and it made her love him even more.

17 Dec – Expanding Gay Best Friend

17 Dec Expanding Gay Best Friend 620x926 17 Dec   Expanding Gay Best Friend


From Brighton… Where Else? You’ve got to love him haven’t you? Poppy did, and got very annoyed if any unauthorised person should remove him from the miraculous glass of water she had prepared to enable his party trick. Bought in a lovely shop in Bond Street, I think it’s called ‘Not a Butchers’. Poppy loved this shop, full of quirky and slightly camp nik naks.


16 Dec – Wild Things

16 Dec Wild Things 620x926 16 Dec   Wild Things


We Love the DVD of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Spike Jonze. I found a cult shop off Carnaby Street which sold toys from the film as well as funny Japanese toys all of which used to thrill Poppy. I used to venture down to this shop during Poppy’s chemo stays when she’d want some kind of surprise after a day of school and ‘the playroom’ at UCH. We have another character called Sigi too.