15 Dec – Giant Troll

15 Dec Giant Troll 620x926 15 Dec   Giant Troll


Poppy has various toy trolls. I’m not sure if everybody buys them, they are certainly something I enjoyed as a child. This one came from Shoreditch market. He’s very big and made by cult maker ‘Dam Things – Est 1964‘. He’s a hangover from hippie culture. He has a hair clip holding his hair at the back. I think this must have been placed on him by Poppy.

14 Dec – Blue Cat

14 Dec Habitat Blue Cat 620x926 14 Dec   Blue Cat


Poppy had a whole collection of these stuffed cats. I’ve been buying them for years from one of our favourite shops, Habitat. Most branches of Habitat closed down in the recession but the new owners kept the brand going with 3 flagships stores in London’s West End. There is a great Habitat in Tottenham Court Road,  10 minutes walk from UCH hospital which we would always visit before chemo. I continue to mooch around there after my fortnightly counselling sessions. I try not to get sad and instead take inspiration from the wonderful colours and beautiful things.

12 Dec – Rabbit Head

Dec 12 Rabbit Head 620x926 12 Dec   Rabbit Head


This came from a very expensive t-shirt shop around the back of Carnaby Street. It had very weird bears and rabbits, beautifully made by hand. Cosmo and I selected this one for Poppy in the summer of 2011 during a chemo stay. It’s Very Poppy, but then again all of the bears and creatures in that shop were ‘Very Poppy’.

06 Dec – Kermit Backpack

06 Dec Kermit Backpack 620x926 06 Dec   Kermit Backpack

We’ve always loved The Muppets. Poppy’s enjoyed them right from when she was a baby. When she was in hospital after her operation, the latest film came out. We went to see it when she was well enough in an early morning screening away from crowds. This backpack was a promotion from Cravendale Milk and Poppy loved me buying lots of Cravendale and inputting the codes online until one day after 40 odd litres we were sent this precious backpack.